Glass Thorpedo

Reclaimed craft beer bottle creations & hop jewelry


Combine a love of craft beer and sparkly things with a passion for creativity and you get Glass Thorpedo.

For years I worked mainly with dichroic art glass, creating jewelry pieces by fusing and cold-working in my home studio.  As my husband and I got into craft beer we started accumulating a lot of glass bottles.  What’s a creative person to do but reclaim those bottles into works of art!

Thankfully, I’m surrounded by an awesome group of family and friends, supporting the arts by emptying bottles of delicious craft brews.  (I’ve been known to empty a few myself).  I take those empty bottles and create lamps, candles and trays.  All items are created by hand in my home studio.  Nothing is mass-produced, outsourced or made in a factory.  The candles are filled with 100% soy wax and all-natural cotton wicks – all made in the USA.

Since my husband is a homebrewer we grow hops in our yard.  Luckily he is also willing to sacrifice a few of those fragrant buds which end up in my jewelry creations – a variety of earrings, pendants and rings. 

I sell my wares at a few craft brewery shows throughout the year.  You’ll find me at Dogfish Head’s Analog A-Go-Go and Heavy Sea’s Pints & Panic.  I’m always looking for new opportunities, so if you would like to see me at your favorite craft brewery event, give me a shout.



How I repurpose bottle caps!